Board Level Filter

Create a Board Level Report and filter down to specific items. You can filter by any column you want using native filtering.
(e.g. Weekly Project Progress Report)

Filter your Board Level Reports


Use the native filter in the DocExport view to filter down your board to your specific needs.

Choose Board Level

To generate your document, start with the Board Level option:

Apply Board Filters

After uploading your docx template, apply the board filters in the DocExport view. Make sure to select the 'Apply board filter' option:

In this example, the filter is set to only include items with the status 'Working on it'.

If you want to create further reports with the same template and filtering, we recommend selecting 'Save this DocExport recipe for future use' (e.g. Weekly-Progress-Report). This will be saved as a shortcut in the DocExport view:

Using Automations

This recipe can also be used to create a report on auto-pilot with a DocExport Integration/Automation:

With this automation, you can automatically create reports for a set time period (e.g. weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays):

Optional: Split View

You can also activate the 'Split View' to see a preview of your filtered items. Click on the 'App Settings' Icon and 'Split View':


This is how it looks:

Generate Document

After clicking on 'Generate Document', the PDF report only contains the filtered items: