Mirror Columns

Making your life easier by using Mirror Columns? Good news: You can output them just as easily on your document!

Mirror Columns 

Monday.com Mirror Columns are a great way to store the same information in multiple boards across your account and update separate columns without doing double the work. 

By connecting your boards and mirroring information from one or more boards to another, you can easily make changes to any board and the changes will be reflected in the other board(s) as well.

DocExport Mirror Columns 

Output Mirror Columns on your documents

To round things off, you can output your Mirror Columns on your documents via DocExport. 

And the best part?

All you need is the name of the respective column in the board! This name forms the placeholder that you insert into your document and the content of your Mirror Column will be output on your generated documents.


Add placeholder for your Mirror Column

Just put the name of your column in curly brackets and add this placeholder to your DOCX template. If the column is called “Mirror”, you add this placeholder to your Word template:

{{Mirror}} for Board Level Documents (table with several items)


{{Item.Mirror}} for Item Level Documents

In this example: {{Course Status}}DocExport Mirror Columns Monday.com

It can't get any easier than this!