User permissions 

Advanced permissions and restriction settings. Restrict who can download and generate new documents for different user roles like Board Owners, Board Members and Guests.

Restrict permissions for different user roles

Per default, the permissions in DocExport are set to:

Generate new recipes/templates: Board Owners and Admins
Read and download documents: Board Members
Restricted: Viewers and Guests

With custom user permissions, included in the DocExport Professional plan and above, you can set individual user permissions per role.



1. Define who can read and download documents:

  • Only Board Owners and Admins
  • Board Members
  • Board Members and Guests

2. Define who can generate new documents:

  • Only Board Owners and Admins
  • Board Members
  • Board Members and Guests

Permissions for reading/downloading and generating can be set individually.

Where to find the settings?

In any DocExport board view, click on the settings icon and on 'Go To App Settings'

You can now define, which user roles are allowed to read/download documents from the DocExport board view and which are allowed to generate new document templates/recipes.

Please note: users can still generate documents via automation if you create an integration/automation (e.g. 'When Status changes, generate document').

The setting above restricts users to create new templates and/or recipes for document generation. file columns are not part of the DocExport restriction. For example: if your item-level recipe saves a PDF to a file column and you want to restrict it to a specific user role, you need to restrict the column permissions via