You are using formula columns in your boards? Then simply output them on your PDF documents as well.

Formula Columns Formula Columns are a great and easy way to calculate nearly anything you want. The different functions make you forget that you're actually not working with Excel.

That's where we join in! Making it possible for you to output all Formula Columns on your documents just as easily.

Note: Formula Columns are only available for the DocExport Standard plan or any higher plan.


Output Formula Columns on your documents

All you need is the name of the respective column in the board! This name forms the placeholder that you insert into your document and the content of your Formula Column will be output on your generated documents.


Add a placeholder for your Formula Column

Just put the name of your column in curly brackets and add this placeholder to your DOCX template. If the column is called “Total price”, you add this placeholder to your Word template:

{{Total price}}

DocExport Formula Column

Here is an overview of all available formulas. These can all be added to the document by simply using the right placeholder.

That's it! Why make life harder?