Poppin´ colors? No problem! Pimp up your project reports and add the colors from your board to your groups and statuses.

Colors in Tables and Groups

Simply adopt the design and colors of your board in your reports and create a better overview through a uniform design.

Not only does it sound fantastic, it's also super easy!

DocExport Project report with color

Output colors on your documents

Your colors will automatically be adopted from the settings in your board and displayed on your document via a placeholder. If you use purple, your document will also be colored purple. Do you prefer green? Then we output green. You are free to choose.

Hardly see any difference here? Then we have reached our goal!

DocExport colors

Group colors

To display the colors of your groups on your document, you need to add this placeholder to your template:

{{Name | GroupColor}}

DocExport Project Report Group color

The colored stripe on the side can be displayed with this placeholder:

{{Empty | GroupColor}}

DocExport Project report bar color

Status color

To display the colors of your status on your document, you need to add this placeholder to your template:

{{NameOfStatusColumn | WithColor}}, e.g. {{status | WithColor}}

Note: Please exchange "NameOfStatusColumn" with the name of your column. If you want to learn more about placeholders, please visit our help center.

DocExport project report status color

Download template

Get started with our template for project reports with color. This docx template already contains all placeholders for colors. All you have to do is tailor it to your company.