QR Code 

Create QR codes in your documents with links to the board or the specific item.

Use QR codes in your documents

You can include QR codes with links to the specific item or board.

Quick tutorial for a event use case (Tickets)

Another typical use case is inventory management - if you want to create a quick link to a specific item and place it in the warehouse.

DocExport Template QR CodeNote: QR Codes are only available for the DocExport Professional and Enterprise plans.


Add QR code

Use this placeholder to create a QR code for the specific item and place it in your docx template:



Change the size of the QR code

You can also define the size of the QR code. To do this, change the part in brackets after Image:


The "100" in the placeholder defines the image's width in pixels.  

Enter the size of the image in pixels, separated by a semicolon. If the second value is specified with a 0, the image will be output in aspect ratio.

If you change the {{Image(100;0):QR.ItemUrl}} to {{Image(200;0):QR.ItemUrl}}, it's double the size on the final document.

You can also specify the size in percent: {{Image(50%;50%):QR.ItemUrl}}.