Use our pre-made automation recipes to create docs on auto-pilot

DocExport documents can be automatically generated based on a button click, a date or a status change.

Create DocExport recipe

Create a DocExport recipe for a board or single item
  1. Follow the step-by-step assistant for generating a document.
  2. In step 3 you can save all settings as a DocExport recipe in order to reuse them again in an automation/integration. For a single item you have to save the settings as a recipe. Please specify a name for the recipe so that you can easily identify it later when creating the automation, e.g. "Create NDA" or "Send invoice".

DocExport Board add recipe

Add an automation

  1. Click on integrate (next to "Automate").
    DocExport Add Integration
  2. Search for "DocExport" and select it.
  3. You will find three different automation recipes. 
    Select one recipe that suits your use case and fill in the parameters.

    DocExport automation recipes

    a) Status integration recipe

    Example: Changing the Status to Signed, creates a new document based on the DocExport recipe "NDA".DocExport status integration recipe

    b) Button integration recipe

    Example: Clicking on the button Generate PDF, creates a new document based on the DocExport recipe "NDA".
    DocExport button integration recipe
    In order to use the button integration you need a column that contains a button. You can also create a new one on the fly while adding the integration.

    DocExport add new button to column

    c) Date integration recipe

    Example: 1 day after the timeline end date is reached, create a new document based on the DocExport recipe "ProjectReport".DocExport date integration recipe

  4. Add the integration to your board. All done. If you now change the status/click a specific button or a certain date is reached, a document will automatically be created.