Column ID vs Column Title

If you have trouble populating columns (e.g. too long titles or special characters), you can use the column ID instead.

How to get the column ID

Instead of using the column title for a placeholder, you can also use the unique column ID.

{{Item.Column_ID}} instead of {{Item.Column Title}} 

Activate developer mode

  1. Click on the top right corner to open the context menu
  2. Select 'monday.labs'
  3. Search for 'dev' and activate the 'Developer Mode'

Open your board and click on any column settings to see the column ID:

If you click on the column ID, the ID will be copied. You can now use this column ID to create a placeholder for your docx template.

In this example, the placeholder would be {{Item.numbers__1}} instead of {{Item.Price}}

Note: this workaround is only necessary if some placeholders don't populate.
This could be the case if you're using special characters or too-long column titles (e.g. from a monday form)